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It sounds weird but hear me out. If you used something to create a Pokemon that was shiny, level 100, max pp but with a legit capture point and legit moves in black/white 2 and attempted to transfer using poke bank would you be able to. I don't do this, its just because I got a shiny reshiram, LV 100 and max pp moves and legit capture point and moves. Just wondering if it is cheat or not


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Pokémon-Bank's legalit checker checks for:

>Impossible move sets
Impossible abilities
Impossible caught level&location
Impossible shininess

Reshiram's shiny locked so it's hacked.

Pokémon-Bank failed at the legalit checker or the hacker used hacks in XY to get Reshiram.
Nothing more to say.

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It is impossible to legally obtain a shiny Reshiram, so that definitely won't get through.
A shiny Giratina though, for example, could get through, if it doesn't have illegal traits. There is still a chance it won't, because the back checker isn't always accurate, and even legally obtained Pokémon are rejected sometimes.