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Let us assume this scenario

I use an AR or Gameshark on my Pokemon Black game, I use it to get myself a Shiny Lilipup with 6IVs from Route 1 (which is where you can get Lilipup from). Now I decide to transfer it using PokeBank to my Pokemon Y game. Regardless of if it was cleared (tell me if it won't though).
Let us say it transferred successfully and unlike the damage it could have done to my Black or Y game (if I used the AR from there instead) it works perfectly, both my games are safe. Would this happen?

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As long as the Lilipup could have been caught legally with those IVs (etc.) it should get through Pokebank, and if it does that it won't affect anything in your X or Y game.

If pokebnk doesn't consider it legal, then it will be rejected and simply stay in your PC in Black, but there are no further ramifications than that.

Source: Experience - I have both transferred hacked Pokemon and had hacked Pokemon rejected.

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