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i was checking my White 2 boxes in preparation for the eventual release of pokebank, organizing event related Pokemon, favorites, online battle Pokemon and such to transfer first, when noticed my very much favoritized (really, i'm obsessive compulsive disorder here...) Aerodactyl, which I really want to get to Y asap, has a note in it's status page: 'arrived from Kanto after a long travel through time'. my worry is that pokebank will lock out this Pokemon, does anybody have any idea? I have been following Serebii's updates, with no info. I really want to know, because I put an awful amount of effort into this Aerodactyl, with EV training and moveset, not to mention keeping old hardware and games just to even get it...

The reason I have concern is because a very similar message ending in 'after a long travel in time' appears on the event spiky-eared pichu's status, and it prevents this Pokemon from being transfered to Black, White, B2, W2.... the message states that the pichu had been through a lot and was best left where it was....


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You will be able to transfer that Aerodactyl. The game rejects Spikey-Eared Pichu from being transferred (claiming that it would be "risky"), and nothing else except Eggs, Pokemon with items, and Pokemon that know HMs.


thank you. now just to go back to haunting the pokemon website for an update on pokebank...
No problem :D
Nintendo announced on Twitter that they'd get us info asap, so it shouldn't be too long before we get an update.