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I want to transfer my legendaries and the Speed Boost event Torchic to ORAS, but I don't have a second 3DS and my friends don't have one. Can I move Pokémon from X and Y to Pokémon Bank and then move them from Bank to ORAS? Can Bank even work with multiple games?

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Yes you can. Though, if you have digital versions, it makes the transfer a whole lot simpler. Pokémon Bank can read one game card and as many digital copies as you want.

To begin, place your Pokémon in Pokémon Bank. Put as many as you want, then save and exit. Then, insert the OR/AS Game Card. Take the Pokémon out, and into your box.

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Thanks! I have the digital versions of both games.
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Pokebank is how you'd do it. there was an update for pokebank to 1.2 which lets it work with alpha/omega. And yes, it works with any Pokemon x/y/alpha/omega game you stick into your system because it uses your nintendo Id to access it, I have both x and y and I do it all the time.

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Uh, what? Can I move Pokémon from X and Y to Bank, then from Bank to ORAS?
Yes you can.
Too bad you can't transfer mega stones, but luckily you can find all of them in ORAS :D