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Gen 2 had Apricorns and different Pokeballs that are exclusive to Johto, could you transfer a Pokemon holding an Apricorn (if they can hold Apricorns) or a Heavy/Fast/Level/Lure/Moon/Friend/Love Ball into ORAS or X/Y


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Pokemon cant hold apricorns as they are in Apricorn Boxes which are key items.
You can catch a female Pokemon with an Apricorn ball and transfer that over. Then when you breed the Pokemon all of its offsprings will be in the same ball.

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You can have them hold the apricorn ball and transfer them?
No, i answered that :T
He meant the actual ball itself, which is not a key item, and I think you could.
I know, he posted a seperate question which i answered. And the answer is no, since you cant hold the ball either