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I have a Meloetta I would like to transfer over, here it is:

Level 100. Gender:Female. Ball:Cherish ball
Met at: Sinnoh
Nature: Lax
Relic Song
Close Combat

Please tell me what to change to get it through! Thanks!

"Met at: Sinnoh"
Meloetta wasn't around until Unova.

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It seems to me that you're trying to use a hacked meloetta, an get it through Pokebank.

While I don't agree with the ethics of this, there are some flaws.
Like Erapidash said Met in Sinnoh. Really? It doesn't take a genius to realise something went fishy there. 'Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 50' is the English B2W2 description of it.

Anyway if indeed you're trying to push a hacked Pokemon through Pokebank try making it as accuracte as possible in comparison to the actual details of the Event Meloetta. Chances are it won't go through, but the closer it is to the actual thing, the more likely it becomes it will. Sometimes you may not be able to transfer it through, no matter what you do.

If this isn't hacked, and the Sinnoh thing was just a typo you should have nothing to worry about. It'll go through.

I used poke builder.
I'll change it though, thanks.
"Met in Sinnoh" is the only way to get Gen V pokemon through Pokebank. js
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Other than Relic Song/Acrobatics I don't see why it won't. Except for the fact Meloetta is am event Pokemon which have a hard time going through. Also make sure set at fateful encounter.

Source: Knowledge + http://pokebuilder.yuku.com/directory

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