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Has Game Freak actually given a reason why or is it "just because we say so"? I traded so much crap to get my 32 Evolites in Black 2 and it really ticks me off knowing I can't keep them...


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Because you can just keep piling items in one game, then send them into your new game after you get your first badge and basically make the game have no challenge whatsoever.

Rare items are meant to be rare, e.g. that's why there's only one Masterball per game. As for Eviolites, you can get more in your new game.

Also there has been no generation where you could transfer items since Gen III (I forgot if you could transfer items between Gen I & II).

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If you use poke get or Pokébuilder (the one I use :3) you can have a Pokemon hold a master ball. I'm using mine to catch Reshiram. Mine came with a Flygon lv100. I do love Pokébuilder...