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In Pokémon White, I need to go to the transfer lab on rt 15 to move Pokémon from Platinum to white. Then re-catch them. Can that work with Legendary Pokémon? I guess I want to now if there is an easier way. Pokémon transfer lab or Poke bank?


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Hold on I’ll post it as an answer

You have to go gen 4 -> gen 5 to use bank

Gen 4 isn’t compatible with transporter/bank/home so you have to do the dumb mini game in gen 5 before you even have access to bank.

Check here for my source and a detailed chart of how those mechanics work.

So yeah sorry but you have to do the mini game to get Pokémon from older games to White/Black/2. There are illegal ways around this (source: experience) but obviously I’m not going to touch on those.

Hope this helps

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So I can't transfer legendries, starters or other Pokemon like that?
I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. You can send Pokémon from DiamondPearlPlatinum to BlackWhite using the mini game, and from there you can use transporter. Once sent forwards, you can’t send them back.
If you're asking whether the game will allow you to transfer legendary Pokemon, starters, etc then the answer is yes. You can transfer those Pokemon.
Will they still have their items when being transferred, or will I lose those items?
Held items cannot be transferred. If you try to transfer a held item, it will be sent to your bag in the origin game.
So there is no way to transfer or trade my held items in platinum to white?
No. You can just get them again in white
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I don't know exactly what your saying, but I think I get the gist.

When you transfer a Pokemon from any generation to another, you cannot get that Pokemon back. It will remain in your Pokedex, (it was captured at some point,) but it's not in your boxes or your party.

Yes, when you transfer a legendary, starter, or something that's only obtainable once, it cannot be recaptured in your game.

If what Fizz said is how you are thinking, then no, there is no "recapturing" similar to Pal Park or the mini game when transferring to Bank. As soon as you transfer, the Pokemon are immediately deposited in the Transport Box of Pokemon Bank, where you can move them directly into your Gen 6 or 7 games.

Once a Pokemon is in Pokemon Bank, it can not be sent back to a Generation 4 or 5 game, so no, you would not be able to get your Pokemon back to Pokemon White. You can also not send Pokemon directly from Gen 4 to Pokemon Bank, you have to send them to a Gen 5 game first. You can transfer whatever Pokemon you want, but, for example if you transfer a legendary, you will not be able to re-catch that Pokemon in the original game.

If you have any more questions please ask.

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The question might be referring to how when transferring Pokemon from Gen 3 to 4, you had to catch the Pokemon you transferred in Pal Park, and the catching minigame you had to play when transferring Pokemon from Gen 4 to 5.
I mean, if I use the Pokemon bank to store my Platinum Pokemon, can I transfer them over to white without re-catching any of them?

You have to go gen 4 -> gen 5 to use bank

Gen 4 isn’t compatible with transporter/bank/home so buddy. You have to do the dumb mini game in gen 5 before you even have access to bank.