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I only use my AR to get ether max money or some max items to help me like Ex-Shares to help me level the Pokemon I catch in game is this considered Hacking and if I try to use the Pokemon bank to move the Pokemon to my Pokemon x game will it work or should I not bother. I only want to gather all the Pokemon I can for myself not to trade with anyone else. any information would be helpful.


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To poke'bank it won't accept Pokemon w/ unregistered OT numbers. If you hack a Pokemon into the game and catch it the Pokemon will be allowed through pokebank. If you hack a Pokemon into your party or boxes it won't go through pokebank because the OT number is funky.

Hope this helped

Seriously? This would be awesome if true, but I'm not sure because pokemon caught with a modifie can also have weird or numbers, like ????463829 etc. I've traded pokemon with a friend Before for a pokemon caught with a wild modifier ad tried to trade it over the GTS and it gets rejected saying it can't be traded an such, it's ot looks normal but every hatched pokemon I've tried to GTS trade isn't allowed... I hope pokebank isn't so intense. (trading on pokemon black/white) you can trade hacked pokemon in the older games.
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I'm pretty sure everything with the AR is considered hacking, but hacked Pokemon wise, pokebank hasn't given any details to what they consider a hacked/illegal Pokemon, I would think it would be the following though:

  • a Pokemon obtained through wild modifiers
  • a Pokemon obtained through an event code ( not a legit wifi obtained event)
  • a Pokemon with an illegal move, ex: Pikachu with flame thrower
  • a Pokemon with maxes out evs (codes that max out a Pokemons evs)

Their is some type of Pokemon checker that some people have downloaded before that checks your and other people Pokemon to see if they are legit.

I can't remember what it was though...

I don't think a Pokemon leveled up with a ton of hacked rare candies is considered hacked, because the hack is on your bag and no the Pokemon itself/directly.

I'm not sure about exp multipliers though.
I don't think it would count because it's not really direct?