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I'd like to use an Action Replay to give my Liberty Pass Vicitini V-Create, but will that make it incompatible with the Bank?


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If you do make your Victini learn V-Create via Action Replay, your Pokémon cannot be put into the Pokébank. The Pokémon Company have done some things which prevent cheated Pokémon to be put in Pokébank

Source: Knowledge

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Liberty Pass Victini and V-Create

Well as you will know the Liberty Pass Victini does not know V-Create as V-Create in an event exclusive move exclusive only to Victini and Rayquaza. The Victini you can catch in Black and White that requires the player to have the Liberty Pass has the following moves: Incinerate, Quick Attack, Endure and Confusion.

Competitive Play: Tournaments and WiFi Battles

Even though technically your Victini wouldn't be legitimate with V-Create, many players who play WiFi battles will not object against it. This is because as long as a Pokémon can learn a move legitimately even if they obtained it through cheating devices and hacking it is considered fine to use as long as it doesn't have more than 510 EV's or an ability it can't normally have such as Spiritomb and Wonder Guard. As many online players will play Pokémon just for competitive so they will use Pokegen, Pokedit and various other Pokémon creation sites so they don't have to train Pokémon from scratch. These Pokémon are actually also okay to use in official tournaments as long as they don't have a move, ability etc. that it can't legitimately have.

Pokémon Bank

As for Pokémon Bank, if you teach your Victini V-Create Pokémon Bank will not prevent it from being transferred. Pokémon Bank only stops Pokémon that have abilities, moves or stats to name a few that it shouldn't have. It will not prevent you from transferring your Victini even if you hacked to give it V-Create as Victini can legitimately learn the move. An example of this can be found here. So Pokémon Bank should let you transfer your Pokémon over providing that it is not hacked in any other way.

Source: Knowledge and Experience (I've recently transferred Pokémon using Pokémon Bank that I've hacked a specific move and ability on to.) Also the sources in my previous answer which I linked.

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