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Hey I have a question about the message "There is a problem with your participating Pokemon" on battle spot free battles. I use power saves and I dont over do anything but for some reason my hitmonlee out of all my other Pokemon has a problem. Hitmonlee is lvl 84, item is a life orb, nature jolly, ability reckless, moves: reversal, knock off, endure, and high jump kick. it also has max Iv's 252 for attack, 252 for speed and 4 into defense as Ev's but I just can't figure out the problem, it has my Id and Ot aswell. I hope someone can get back to me to perhaps suggest a solution, thank you.

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If this is for ORAS/XY then it is the hack check that was updated to the game. You cannot battle/trade online while using a hacked Pokemon Even if the hacked Pokemon has legit items, stats, abilities, etc.

Source: Experience with a hacked Hoopa.

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But all my other pokemon are fine with it, and I bred them aswell because i know that if you spawn them it doesn't accept in battle spot.
The hack checker can be finicky, accepting some genned/modified Pokémon but accepting others.
Thanks i've just redid the hitmonlee entirely with the same things but it works this time :D