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I have tried to go in Random Match-Up but I keep getting the same message
> There was a problem with your Pokemon and they could not participate.

Please Help Me....

Gengar @Big Root
-Dream Eater
-Giga Drain
-Shadow Ball

Blaziken @Evioltite
-Bulk Up
-Close Combat
-Flare Blitz
-Shadow Claw

Tyranitar @focus Sash
-Fire Punch
-Stone Edge

Metagross @Life Orb
-Bullet Punch
-Zen Headbutt
-Ice Punch

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When that pops up normally it means the pokemon was obtained illegally, ie. hacking.
Yeah but I used Pokegen and my pokemon where accepted, to test out the strictness I generated a smeargle with no guard with the 4 OHKO moves, that was in my party when I tried to enter, but when I took it out I was able to battle with pokemon from pokegen.

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If it says this then it means that your Pokémon have or are the following thing:

- They where brought over from fake GTS's (PokeGTS, PokeGen, Pokecheck....)
This is usually harmless, but like all things after abuse of this will temporary be prohibited from battles.
actually the first reason is it, since you can't break the other rules without using a hacked Pokémon.

The other reasons are:
- Your Pokémon has max EV on all stat
- Your Pokémon have hacked moves for example: Meteor Mash scizor). This doesn't seem the case when I read your description
- This is very rare but if your Pokémon have perfect IV stat and it is noticed by the Random Matchup then you are also prohibited from battling for a while.
( The perfect IV is usually still overlooked but in suspicious actions you can get disabled for a few days to a week)

the 2 points that are marked are usually the problem.
If you know this is the case, then I suggest you do something about it

Hope this helped in a way

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On top of what DB-Valet Said, it is most likely that you had created the team, but entered the data you your Pokemon creator incorectly. I recommend you go one by one with one of them and with Pokemon you know will be accepted until you find which one(s) are not accepted, and find out what's wrong with it.

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I get that message a lot of the time when I try and go into random matchup. Basically, this is the game's way of saying that you have a Pokemon that is not allowed to battle. This message often comes up when you have an illegal Pokemon with you, such as a legendary. However, I get this message when my Pokemon is holding an item that is not allowed. From the Pokemon that you have listed, I see that they are all holding items. Certain items are not allowed in the random matchup, and therefore, you cannot take that Pokemon into battle. Try removing those items from your Pokemon, and then try to go into random matchup. It usually works for me.

The only banned item is the soul dew on the Eon Twins. You can't even get passed the counter girl if you have strong Legendary Pokemon  such as: Mewtwo, Mew, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Celebi,..
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I've had this happen before too. It was most likely from some person giving you some generated Pokemon from some website, such as PokeGTS, PokeGen, etc, so whatever Pokemon you received from trade, might as well just release it.