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I am trying to play in Random Matchup but it says "There was a problem with your Pokemon, and they could not participate." then it disconnects from Wi-Fi. my Pokemon that I am trying to use is:
Gallade Lv.100 Pokerus
Swampert Lv.100 also has Gift Ribbon
Salamence Lv.100 (Shiny)
Garchomp Lv.100 (Shiny)
None of them have Sky Drop or Dark Void
None of my Pokemon have the same item and I got Salamence and Swampert from trade and Garchomp and Gallade on the GTS.
Please help me as fast as you can because I'm trying to enter a tournament that is in 3 days.

I just tried out random matchup without my Swampert and replaced it with a Yanma and it worked so it must be the Swampert, but why?

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If the case is what I think it is (which is hacking) then you can't do Random Matchup, but you can however go to the WiFi Club for battling with these Pokemon. Have fun.
The original owners of the Shiny Pokemon probably cheated for them. That's why RM won't let you play.
That makes perfect sense thanks.
Dude, have you seen my answer?
yes i have but it didnt really help.
I guess i will just have to get a new lv.100 water type

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Either Salamence or Swampert were probably Illegally obtained and Traded to you. To check, Download and use this Pokemon Legitimacy Checker Program by Project Pokemon to check.

Note: The suggested Program has not been tested for Accuracy or safety by myself; Download and Use at your own risk (I'm pretty sure it's fine though)

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Well, first of all do they hold the same items? For example Swampert and Salamence holds leftovers.

If not. You may have hacked your Pokemon with a Cheating device or a site such as PokEdit.

[EDIT] What is the Swamperts "Met at lv ?" it has to be 5 or 1 otherwise it is hacked
Where did the original trainer get it?


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or level 1, if its from an egg
The met at level is met at Lv.5
Yeah or lv 1
Congrats you are an expert now @Jolteon
Oh thanks.  Soon you'll be one too ;)