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I logged onto wi-fi and then it said "There is something wrong with your pokemon they could not participate" if i need to post my team i will. NOTE: none of my pokemon have Sky Drop

At first i thought it was my DW ninetales. It haz:Fire Blast, Nasty Pot, Hypnosis, and Energy Ball. It is holding Wide Lens. The lady et me go in and connect to wi-fi but the sever wouldn't.Might it be my Alakazam? It has ------------------- where it tells me his nature on his stats padge. right under it. maybe its my DW giscor. It haz Toxic Orb with Sword dance, Earthquake, Stone edge, and X-Scissor. Actually, i have used a of my pokemon in Random Matchup before but Ninetales so....... yeah its gotta be her

EDIT: it isn't.It must be SHIFTY! I just gave him Earthquake and Choice Scarf. It also is in a cherish ball but it has been able to battle before...OR WAIT! It might be because uh.... im stumped!

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Ok seen as your using cherish ball im guessing all your pokemon were used by using pokegen or another device like that.

Poke gen pokemon are not alowed to battle though any hacked non legendery (or on ban list basicly) pokemon are alowed to be used on the battle subway wifi trains.
That may have been where you used it.

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b-b-b-b-b-but i used Shifty before it won't let me use him know? :'( well the only pokemon i can't use are Ninetaes and Heracross then. Possibly Alakazam i dunno they were all traded.
They will also likely to be saved or used by gen if they are level 100 with dw abilities perfect ivs and evs
they don't have perfect evs and ivs but i knw which ones are pokegened
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If anything in your team goes against the rules Here there is your problem. Also are they nicknamed?

yea my Heracross' name is SHifty but i used him before.
Well try it without the ninetales
okey doke
hold on almost done
Hmm whats your full team
i will post
ALAKAZAM (not DW) (M) @ Focus Sash Hardy Nature Stats Atk 157 Def 127 SAtk 327 SDef 227 Spe 297
Gliscor (DW) (M) @ Toxic Orb Adamant Nature
ZAPDOS (not DW) (X) @ Leftovers Bashfu Nature
RAPIDASH (not DW) (M) @ Life Orb Brave Nature
Shifty Heracross (not DW) (M) @ Choice Scarf Jolly Nature
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you can tell if there pokegened easily. check the names of the trainer on the traded pokemon. My friend has one and there names are weird like yuri and there also named after games like emerald.