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Random Match will be an option under the GTS. Here, you can go in and select the various Random Match styles you want. You'll be able to play with people over WiFi who aren't in your friends list.

Pokémon of Level 51 or above are lowered to Level 50 while those under Level 50 will remain their current level
You cannot have two of the same Pokémon or item in your team
Items that aren't available in Generation V as of yet, including event Berries, cannot be used
No Pokémon with the move Sky Drop can be used
Two minutes to decide upon the moves to use
Matches last no more than one hour


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A random matchup in black and white a a battle with a random person. You have what's called a streak which is how many consectutive wins you have. A random battle like on showdown is fighting with two balanced competitive teams that you didn't create.