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Whenever I try to get an event Pokemon, or any mystery gift, the DS will say that the wifi-system's security settings are not supported by Nintendo. What's wrong?

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Are you using a ds lite?
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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Support Page.

I read on the Nintendo Help Page somewhere that there are three types of Wi-Fi, it's like WEP, WPA and something else.

There is a certain type of Wi-Fi that isn't supported by Nintendo, don't know what it's called, don't really care either. Sorry. x3 So yeah, just venture through. x)

Hope I helped. :)

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Oh come on Indigo.
x) Shortest answer ever.
It also depends on the model of your DS.
DSi's are able to support more Wi-fi security keys for example compared to DS lite.
Is your wifi the newest model or an old one? If it is the older model, I can see why your wifi doesn't work
It's about 5-7 years old....And I am using a Ds Lite...
I probably won't be allowed to change the key though