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I bred a female Lucario with Blaze Kick and High Jump Kick with a Hitmonchan with Bullet Punch but the Riolu didn't have bullet punch. Was this some sort of error I made or a game mechanic fighting with me?

did you have any other egg moves on either of those two that might have pushed it over four egg moves?

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You made no error whatsoever. See when Riolu is normally bred it has three moves at level 1. Seeing that your parent Pokemon had egg moves that Riolu can learn there was only room for one. Blaze Kick had just happen to make the list. At the moment I don't know how to get around this. Hope this helped :D


According to Pokebase, this is wrong.
If there are too many candidate moves that the baby can learn, they follow this precedent, with each new move overwriting previous ones:
Level 1 moves.
Moves that the child learns by level up, if both parents have them.
Any compatible TMs, HMs and move tutor moves known by the father.
Any egg moves known by the father.
As of X/Y/OR/AS the Egg Moves are no longer exclusive to the father.  Mother can pass them now.
But if there were only three egg moves, they should all have been passed down.