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I'm trying to breed a competitive Lucario, but I need Crunch and Bullet Punch. Before you say it, yes, I checked Lucario's egg moves page and it said Smeargle was a compatible parent by use of Sketch, but I checked their egg groups and they're different. I've already got two Smeargles, one with each move, so how can I get these moves to a Riolu?


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Simply breed 1 of the Smeargles (provided it is male) with a female Lucario onto a female Riolu, and then evolve it and breed it with the other Smeargle (provided it is male).

Alternative: Get 1 Smeargle to have both moves by going into a double battle with both of them and have them use Sketch on each other.
Then you will have 1 Smeargle with both moves, and you can breed it once with a female Lucario.

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I tried to do this, but it told me that they prefer to play with other pokemon than with each other
They are in the same egg group though, is it possible that they are of the same gender?
It should work..unless they're the same gender. They are in the same egg group.
That's the thing, i've made sure it's a male smeargle and female Riolu
im referring to your first comment.
The only way that can happen is if they are the same gender or of different egg groups, we know they are the same egg group, and you say they are Male and Female, so it's either a glitch or you're missing something.
I really don't know then. :/ It should definitely work.

If you're absolutely sure that everything checks out, you're safe to assume it's a glitch.
make sure you are breeding with a Lucario and not a Riolu, as Riolu is in the Undiscovered Egg Group, meaning it can't breed.
that must be your case