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I want to breed a Lucario, but I'm not quite sure what IVs it would need.

The Lucario I plan on using would be something like this:

Swords Dance
Close Combat
Bullet Punch or Extreme Speed
252 Attack / 4 Defense / 252 Speed

Could anyone tell me what IVs be good for it?

Or could someone explain to me: How to determine which IVs I would need when breeding a new Pokemon, I always have had problems with it.


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Lucario is a Pokemon that can run a mixed set, or lean one way or the other. Since you are going for a more fast, physical approach, I would give it at least Attack and Speed IVs if nothing else.

Next IVs I would work on are HP, Defense and SpDefense just to give it some bulk so it doesn't get OHKO-d by a Choice Scarf Nidoking using Earthquake.

Since there are no special moves in your set, ignore the Special Attack IV.

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Remember, having all 6 IVs are really nice, but REALLY tedious.