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I'm finishin up my baton pass team, and I'm wanting some outside input on my receiver. It's a mixed Lucario. I don't have status moves on it, since it will get plenty of boosts from the rest of my team.

[email protected] Life Orb
Ability: Inner Focus
Jolly Nature ( +Spe,-SpA )
EVs: Atk-140 / SpA-140 / Spe-140 / HP-88

  • Crunch (Dark, Physical, Covers Psychic and Ghost)
  • Close Combat (Fighting, Physical, STAB, Covers Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, & Steel)
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon, Special, Covers Dragon)
  • Flash Cannon (Steel, Special, STAB, Covers Ice & Rock)

When I was picking its moveset, I was making sure to have 2 Physical and 2 Special Attacks, so that it can truly be a mixed sweeper. If I should run anything differently, just leave an answer telling me what. For example, I see that the only types covered by Flash Cannon are covered by Close Combat, and then some. Thank you in advance!

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If you are asking what can probably ruin your tactic, I'm not sure but I think one Haze will ruin everything specially if that was a wall cofagrigus he will mean look you then try to take you down or at least remove all your boosts before he faints, that time your opponent already knows your tactics and will try to prevent another boosts. Watch out for Destiny Bond too.

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WHOADER. No Fire, Ground, or Fighting coverage? You cover everything Lucario resists.

Lucario (M) @ Air Balloon
Trait: Justified
EVs: 128 Atk / 128 SAtk / 252 Spd
Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
- ExtremeSpeed / Earthquake
- Psychic
- Aura Sphere
- Hi Jump Kick

ExtremeSpeed has reliable priority, but Earthquake covers fighting and fire. Your call. Psychic also covers fighting, and is a great special move. Aura Sphere is STAB plus has great accuracy. High Jump Kick is what does the job of the sweeping. STAB.

Ok, now we look at other things. Air Balloon saves you from E-Quake.

With those EVs, plus fully boosted +6 stats due to BP, here is what you get:
281 Hit Points
1152 Attack
704 Defense
1192 Special Attack
632 Special Defense
1224 Speed.

With STAB, you sweep whole teams.

This set needs those boosts, and is amazing. Trust me. Fighting will demolish. Psychic will come very close to an OHKO on ghosts, so no need to worry.

Good Luck!

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