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Characteristics:Good perseverance

Item:Lum Berry
Ability:Thick Fat
Moves:Body Slam, Giga Impact, Rest, Recycle
Strategy:Use body slam and giga impact to take down as many pokemon as possible, then use rest to restore health, lum berry will wake him then use recycle to get the berry back.If a ghost or fighting type pokemon appears I have others pokemon to swich in.

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Give it crunch instead of giga impact. What if snorlax is your last pokemon and your against ghosts? You should be prepared for ANYTHING.

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Having Body Slam and Giga Impact is redundant. Choose one or the other, and replace one of them with something like Crunch.

Although, seeing as you're using a more defensive Nature, the set won't be /as/ effective offensive-wise...albeit a slightly annoying tactic for your opponent.

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For me
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Immunity to poison
Moves: Crunch, Body Slam, Giga Impact, Rest

I guess the moves i suggested above explained it all.

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For me
item:choice scarf
ability: immunity
brave nature

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