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So I've been trying to pass down egg moves while getting the IVs I want, only I've run into a problem.

I started realizing that my hatched Pokemon were losing egg moves only to have them replaced with moves like growl. I asked about this in Chat, and I was told that the Pokemon might be levelling up and getting new moves.

My Pokemon in the daycare whos trying to pass down egg moves was lv1, and once I took it out I found that its egg moves were being replaced. Luckily, I had a spare Pokemon in the PC with the correct egg moves and nature. Before I continued IV breeding, I wanted to stop this issue from happening again.

The Pokemon I am breeding is audino. Audino learns its last move at lv53.

Would this problem stop if I level it up to lv53 myself while saying "no" everytime it wants to learn a move? Is there any simpler or more effective way?


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As long as you do not remove the breeding Pokémon from the Day Care, they will kep passing down Egg moves regardless of when they are replaced.

For example, if I had a Dragon Dance Bagon and was breeding more Dragon Dance Bagon, it would keep passing down Dragon Dance until I took it out of the Day Care. I could keep it in until it was Lv. 100 and it would still pass down Dragon Dance. Once I take it out, it will lose the ability to pass on EMs.

Source: Experience

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Really? My audino lost heal bell and stopped passing it down, the hatched eggs were getting growl instead
A glitch maybe.
I guess I'll level it up anyways, as I don't have any more spares and it keeps losing them
How so? I put my Lv. 1 Pokémon in the Day Care all the time to pass on Egg Moves, and when I take them out they've grown ~20 levels. They keep passing on Egg Moves until I take them out. I asked a question like this before, I'll see if I can pull it up.
moves passed down are locked in until the pokemon are removed from the daycare.  they will learn new moves like normal from leveling up but they cannot pass down other moves unless you remove it from the daycare and put it back in.  i've bred thousands of eggs by now and this is how it always works
What Meew said.