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So I'm trying to breed a Charmander that has Steel Wing, a TM for Charizard, and Metal Claw from Aron. However, Charizard is Male and Aron is Female.

I'm going to have extreme difficulties getting a Female Charizard, and getting a Male Aron will be cake, considering I already started the process. Though, would breeding up a Charmander with Metal Claw then a Charmander with Steel Wing and combining them work?


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Charmander cannot learn Steel Wing. It isn't listed as an egg move and can only learn it as a Charizard. It can get Metal Claw, though. But hypothetically, yes it would work if you put them together as long as one was male and one was female.

Just breed until you get a female Charmander, then breed that with the Metal Claw Aron and the resulting baby charmander should have Metal Claw.

Hope I helped!

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I figured Steel Wing wouldn't carry through 'Mander and 'Meleon. But thanks for the tip!