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Im going to be breeding my snorunt for a perfext froslass but I realised that it has some egg moves, maybe? I just wanna know if its good or I can wondertrade it along with other bred batch.
Inner focus
moves: leer, spikes, hex, rollout
(Its new so its ivs/evs are all six except speed (5) and hp 12/12)
So what I want to know is if I should breed with this one or get another? Thankies. Oh yeah. Still new to ivs and evs.

Brave is not good for a Frosslass, Timid or Jolly is much better.
Im not using them for my froslass. Im having her as timid but i just wanted to know if the egg moves are worth keeping.

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You have Hex, Spikes, and Rollout as your egg moves. Of the three, Spikes is the only really good egg move, for hazard setup. Shadow Ball > Hex most of the time and Rollout is horrible. So keep Spikes, but delete Hex and Rollout.
Hope I helped!

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Thanks again aha. I think i might just breed another one for my froslass. Do you know what egg moves i should have for froslass? Im not very good so i dont know what Moves and sweeper wall or tank or whatever ahah.
Well I haven't used Froslass all that much but I can tell you, if you want to use her as hazard set up, then you'd better use Focus Sash + Destiny Bond, so that you can get one spikes in /2 if they switch, then because of Froslass' average speed you should be able to pull off Destiny Bond if you're at 1 HP.

[email protected] Sash
EVs: 252 Spd, 252 Sp A, 4 HP
Nature: Timid
Ability: Cursed Body
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
-Destiny Bond
Could i use blizzard or is that a poor move? And what does destiny bond do? Ive never used it or many moves like that. Thanks your being so much help. :3
Blizzard has poor accuracy, so ice beam is usually preferred. However, if youre planning on having hail set up blizzard will have full accuracy. Destiny Bond makes your opponent faint if you used it before them and they faint you. Basically brings down your opponent as well if they bring you down.
If you're having hail set up, you might as well change Froslass' ability to Snow Cloak just for the evasion boost.
Ah thanks guys! Cant tell you how much youre helping!