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Ive checked a few of my wondertrade Pokemon with the battle resort guy and I want to know if these are good since he says outstanding I think they are good.
Nincada(quirky)-outstanding-hp, atk, def, sp def and spd they simply cant be beat
Eevee(bold)-outstanding- hp, def, sp atk, sp def, spd they simple cant be beat and also has wish
Buneary(adamant)-outstandin- hp, atk, def, sp atk, spd they simply cant beat but sp def is rubbish, it also has ice punch fire punch encore and endure moves
So does that mean nincada, eevee and buneary have 5ivs or 4 or what?
I thought these were the best and I need reassurence they are or arent since I'm breeding eevees and bunearys soon.
Thankies :3

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when checking with him he will first(in or/as at least) say how the stats overall look. then he will list specific stats that are at 31 saying that they can't be beat. after that he will tell you any stats that happen to be 0 like your buneary's special defence.

so yes, if he listed all those stats as can't be beat then all three have 5 perfect IVs while the buneary also has an iv that is the worst it can get.

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Thank you so much! I didnt know what i was looking for aha. Will they always be only 5ivs? Can i get a better buneary or is that the best i can be? Will the best ivs always be outstanding because ive had relatively superior gible but he wasnt full ivs just four ivs.
He doesnt say stats that are 31, he says which are the highest stats then comments on which stat is highest. In this case though, yes, the stats were 31

It is possible to get a 6IV buneary, with 6IV and 5IV parents I think the chance is around 1/30 eggs. "Outstanding" and "relatively superior" are comments on all the IVs together
Ahhh i see! Do you think i should just keep on trying for 5ivs? Since im unsure about it.