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Ive got a male ralts I caught at level 3, I know hes a hardy nature and its probably not right but his spreads are
Sp atk:8
Sp def:8
So does that mean his best stats are sp atk and sp def? Or am I being stupid? :/ (yes I'm a noob. Im just learning everything now about competing)

The dumb part is that you need to memorize the stats they typically have at that level then pump EVs into them knowing how many x/EVs + y/IVs = 1 stat. X is countable so it becomes Algebra.

Possible, but totally not worth doing since you'd actually save time waiting until the end of the game
Im at end game. Ive just decided that ill try and learn how to get evs and that for my favourite pokemon. But thanks.

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well, at level 3 it is really hard to determine the IVs of your Pokemon. there is a way to calculate it but it gives a range of how many it could be which gets more and more precise as your Pokemon's level goes up. there is also at the end of the newer games a person who will tell you if you have any stats with perfect(31) IVs or abyssmal(0) IVs.

for EVs, all Pokemon that you capture will have 0 EVs. these are gained from gaining experience from knocking out opponent Pokemon so you can selectively train your Pokemon in whatever you want by finding Pokemon that give the stat EVs you want.

IVs = Intrinsic Value which is your Pokemon's "genes". these can range anywhere from 0 to 31 which is how many stat points above the base stat for that species of Pokemon.

EVs = Effort Value which is how your Pokemon is trained. these can be anywhere from 0 to 252 and add a stat point to whatever stat you have them in for every 4 that you get in that stat. you can have a total of 510 EVs on each Pokemon.

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Ah thanks. I heard that the easiest way to check ev/ivs are asking a person in the battle resort, should i take my pokemon there?
IVs. Yes, but you need to know what what he says means. First he'll say for overall, then name the best stat(s) and then say how good the top stat is. If you have any 0IV stats he'll say something like "But <stat> is horrible..." http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Stats_judge This link will tell you what each sayingmeans
Thank you sapphire! You help alot ahah. Ill be looking shortly since im planning my breeding session!
IV actually stands for Individual values