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I want to get a Garchomp with Iron Head and Rough Skin. I came up with this:

  1. Catch a male Aron and teach it Iron Head (by level up).
  2. Breed it with a female Gible/Gabite/Garchomp to get a female Gible with Iron Head.
  3. Catch a male Druddigon with Rough Skin.
  4. Breed it with the female Gible that knows Iron Head.
  5. Hatch a Gible with Rough Skin that knows Iron Head and evolve it into Garchomp.

I don't know if the ability transfer would work.
Please help!


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1 Yes because he learns Iron head lv 25

2 Yes but that´s doesn´t mean the offspring would be Female

3 You can catch one yes

4 you could breed one if you wanted

5 Nope
First Rough Skin is Hidden Ability which you can only catch in Friend Safari. So you have to catch a female Gabite with Rough Skin and breed it with Aron and you got yourself a Rough Skin Gible.
So skip step 3, 4 ,5 then and you just earned a a HA Gible.
If you need a Gabite safari and doesn´t have one check the friend safari page

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I don't think you need to get a Druddigon for that, I also am not sure if it would work that way.

All you need is a pokemon with a hidden ability, breed it with the Gible until you get your Rough skin Gible.
When you have that, breed the Rough skin Gible with an Aron that knows Iron head until you get the combination you need.

Source: Did a lot of breeding for Egg moves and Hidden abilities

Hope I helped.

Question, you mean any pokemon with hidden ability?
Actually, that won't work. only female Pokemon can pass on Abilities, so if I bred my HA Pokemon with a male Gible it would have to be female, but I would never get a Gible.