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So in Pokémon X I was breeding my HA Fletchling to get another, and when I hatched the first Egg the baby new Snatch and Tailwind! I'm confident that the Fletchling I used didn't know those moves, or else I've overlooked them for four months. If someone could shed any light on this, please do.

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what was the father pokemon?
It was a female Gale Wings Fletchling and a 6IV Ditto.
The only thing I can say then is that somehow the original Fletchling had snatch, which was then unlearned through level up from the day care.

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It is not a glitch.

Fletching can learn snatch and tail wind as egg move.


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But neither of the parents knew those moves! And the second Fletchling knew Tailwind, but when I took the parents out of the Daycare immediately after, the older Fletchling didn't know either move.
then i dont know,should i hide this answere
Nah, keep it.
Since your Fletchling had Tailwind, it will definitely get passed down. What happens is only AFTER you remove a pokemon from the day care, it replaces the last 3 moves with more recent level up moves (all moves save for the one on the first slot).

As of such, I think that this might be the case for Snatch as well.
Maybe the Pokemon used to know those moves or can learn them.