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Hey folks, I've been searching for an answer to this for a while with no luck so I figured I'd ask here. I'm in the process of breeding Pokemon for EV's and Egg Moves for the first time and I just finished up my first batch successfully and I'm moving onto a new Pokemon, which happens to be Swinub.

Swinub can get Icicle Crash through an egg move, I know that. I was just wondering if Superpower was able to be passed on with the Pokebank closed in any way or if I should just get Stealth Rock for a fourth move instead after Ice Shard, Ice Crash, and Earthquake.

My last question is: Should I just wait to breed Swinub if Superpower does become available or is it worth it to do it now?


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As of Generation V, Superpower is not an egg move for Swinub. It was a move tutor move.

I am not sure for Gen VI though; that might have changed. The way to test this is to get a Male Bidoof/ Bibarel with Superpower and breed with a female Swinub. If the hatched Swinub has Superpower, then it's an egg move. If it doesn't have Superpower, there's no way get Superpower on it.

If it can learn Superpower via breeding, then the only way to get Icicle Crash & Superpower on a Swinub in Gen VI is to breed it with a Smeargle that has Sketched both of those moves.

However, Cubchoo can learn both Superpower (Move Tutor in Gen V) and Icicle Crash (level up), so if Cubchoo can be bred to learn Superpower from a Bibarel in Gen VI, it can pass both moves down to a Swinub, providing that Swinub learns Superpower as an egg move in Gen VI.

If Superpower is not an egg move for Swinub, then there's no way of getting that move onto a Swinub in Gen VI.