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I noticed there weren't many questions on good choices for the Champions Tournament (PWT) in Black/White 2. Suggestions with movesets included would be much appreciated.

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It all depends what battle type your doing :)

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Heres MY suggestion (its ok if you disagree)

Metagross-Having Bulk, it is postive to take opponents down.
Meteor Mash, Agility, Earthquake, and Physhock

Dragonite- Great Pokemon, HARD hitter
Dragon dance, Outrage, Earthquake/Fire Blast, Draco Meteor

Lucario(Physical set) Great Speed, Great power
Swords Dance, Extremespeed, Close Combat, Fire/Ice/Thunderpunch

Weavile-Cold Evil! :D
Swords Dance, Ice Shard, Ice Punch, Night Slash

Great Offensive team here
Hope I helped!