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Something that can take out the Elite Four and Champions without;
1. Needing a healing item
2. Being switched out or using moves that force switching of your Pokemon
3. KO'ing any Pokemon in more than one hit (unless they have sturdy)
4. Needing a Leppa Berry, PP Up or Ether
5. Switching moves via TM or HM between battles

Please provide a full moveset and name as well as which moves target which Trainer.

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Just overtrain your Pokemon. And a Pokemon can never enter the Pokemon League by itself without healing items, it will need to heal.
Wrong. If a move has enough PP and is fast enough to OHKO everything you won't need to heal unless the opponent has sturdy.

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Black and White

  • Shauntal: Since she uses only Ghost Pokemon, any Dark type can easily exploit and defeat her. Make sure that it mainly uses special moves, as her Cofagrigus can tank a physical hit quite easily. and Jellicent's Cursed Body can disable physical moves. Hydreigon, while being difficult to get, is a very good option as it learns Dark Pulse.

  • Grimsley: The first thing you'll realise looking at his team is a huge Fighting weakness, which you can exploit with next to no problems. Sawk and, if you can access it, Conkeldurr are amazing Pokemon that can completely wipe him out. If you have a Samurott with Megahorn or a strong Bug type (Escavaier, Accelgor, Scolipede etc.) that is also a good choice against half his team.

  • Caitlin: If you still retain that Dark type you used against Shauntal, the same can be used here. A note though: her Reuniclus knows Focus Blast so you might want to use a a different Pokemon against it. Hydreigon is a solid option again if Reuniclus can be dealt with, and for Reuniclus a Bug or Ghost type (or a Pokemon with those moves) should do the trick. Escavalier is also a great Pokemon to use here.

  • Marshall: His team has variety in coverage, but putting Grass Knot on physical Pokemon is just pushing ones luck. Most of his Fighting type Pokemon know a Fighting, Normal and Rock move, so that rules out Flying Pokemon. Sawk also has Sturdy. Golurk resists it all, but is very weak to Grass Knot, being one of the heavier mons. Another option is, if you can get it from someone else, Gliscor. Escavalier with Aerial Ace is also a choice, but outside of Marshall it doesn't really do much good.

  • Champion Alder: His team is varied, and can't be countered entirely by just one poke. But a Rock type dents half his team, so a Pokemon with Rock type moves is a good idea. Things like Rock Slide / Stone Edge on a Sawk can significantly help. Sawk counters 60% of his team with Stone Edge and Close Combat, leaving out only Escavalier and Druddigon. A strong fire type move can easily dispose of Escavalier, while Ice can do away with Druddigon. You can be the risky man and give your Hydreigon Fire Blast and Dragon Pulse if you want, and if it outspeeds the two then it can easily scoop them up.

Now let's see the Pokemon you've required:

  1. A Hydreigon with Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast and another move for convenience
  2. A Sawk with Close Combat, Rock Slide / Stone Edge, and two other moves
  3. An Escavalier (or Gliscor) with Megahorn, Aerial Ace and two more moves

It's possible to beat the Elite with less really, but I added three to be sure.

Black and White 2

  • Shauntal: In the remakes, it is possible for you to obtain Zoroark and access move tutors for Dark Pulse. If you're willing to wait it out though, at level 64 it learns Night Daze, which can single-handedly raze Shauntal's whole team.

  • Grimsley: All previous choices can still be used effectively, but the fun part about the remakes is the availability of Pokemon from other regions. This means you can access Lucario, which is very good against Grimsley as well. The Krookodile can look like an issue, but if you knock it out fast with a Close Combat/Megahorn it won't bother as much.

  • Caitlin: As always, Zoroark is your pal. Use it and you shouldn't face many issues other than Reuniclus (if it lives the hit). In Challenge mode though, she uses a Metagross, which means that it would be wise to teach Zoroark Flamethrower.

  • Marshall: In the remakes, you can catch Gligar, which evolves into Gliscor (albeit it is a little pricey to evolve). Unlike the shaky counters in the earlier game, Gliscor completely shuts down Marshall. It can also use Acrobatics to deal some serious damage in return. Just be weary to not let Conkeldurr not set up too many Bulk Ups though.

  • Champion Iris: Only half of her Pokemon are Dragon types, so if you think Ice types would have won you this match you have another thought coming. An Ice type Pokemon may not even be the best choice here, but a one with Ice type moves definitely is. A very nice counter to her team in general is a Samurott or any other water type (Lapras or Vaporeon) with Ice Beam and a water type move (Surf I guess). After doing some training with it, you can beat 80% of Iris' team without breaking a sweat. Lucario again can break the two (counting Hydreigon as it probably can tank an Ice Beam and do serious damage).

The Pokemon required were:

  1. A Zoroark with Night Daze / Dark Pulse, Flamethrower and two more moves
  2. A Lucario with Close Combat, Flash Cannon if you want and two more moves
  3. A Gliscor with Earthquake, Acrobatics and two more moves
  4. A Samurott / Lapras / Vaporeon with Surf and Ice Beam

**Again, you can beat it with less Pokemon if you want to, but these many are just to ensure full defeat.*


  • Malva: As much of a pushover every one of these is, Malva can pretty much be defeated by any Water type. If you chose Greninja, that would be your best bet. Otherwise you can also use Azumarill, a nice new alternative with Fairy typing that can come in use later.

  • Wikstrom: His team has a gaping Ground weakness that is very exploitable with Flygon or Dugtrio. For his Scizor, a Fire type like Talonflame or your Mega Charizard Y would easily do the trick.

  • Drasna: Here's where Azumarill can do some work again. It can do away with all of Drasna's Pokemon other than her Dragalge. For Dragalge, you can resort to your Flygon as it is pretty slow and you're almost guaranteed to hit it's weaker defense side before it does a thing.

  • Siebold: This could possibly be your hardest match, but that's hardly saying much. An Electric type can seal the game, but the Gyarados knows Earthquake, so playing safely around that is always better. A hard hitter like Magnezone is the best Pokemon to use against him.

  • Champion Diantha: Yet again our little Azumarill wrecks 60% of her team with Waterfall, Play Rough and Superpower. It won't like playing around with the Gourgeist though, for which you might wanna pull out your Mega Charizard Y or Talonflame to clean it again. Gardevoir can set up Calm Minds, so to make sure that you can take it out in one shot. Magnezone comes in use again with Flash Cannon, which can seal the game to quite an extent.

Pokemon you reqiured:

  1. An Azumarill with Waterfall, Superpower, Play Rough and a last move of choice
  2. A Charizard/Talonflame with a Fire type move
  3. A Magnezone with Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt and two more moves
  4. A Flygon with Earthquake and Dragon Claw

Hope I helped!

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Great answer! Also delete the ''Adding X/Y soon :)''.
Azumarill last move can be Aqua Jet, for a priority move, with Huge Power + STAB.
This desserves BA and +1 ofc.
^ oops. [filler]

I was thinking Aqua Jet, but realised that it's an egg move. And that's really not worth the time in-game atleast. For the rest thanks!
Absolutly great answer but stii does not answer the question fully. I need a pokemon that can sweep ALL of them not just one game and I need a mooveset for that 1 pokemon only do this and youve got the BA for sure
If you're not a level 100 pokemon, none of them really cut it.
But after getting at level 100, you can wreck shop with just about any pokemon, including Magikarp :P
For a more serious answer, just overlevel your game's legendary (Kyurem, Reshiram, Xerneas etc) and finish them off.
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XY Diantha

Ok, first you need to look at her Pokemon:
Now, a Blaziken could take care of Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Hawlucha(brave bird) and Aurorus.If you got the Event Torchic.

Hawlucha can take out Aurorus, Tyrantrum, and Himself(Hawlucha)

Megazard X! He can take care of Hawlucha, Gourgeist,Goodra
Aegislash! Takes care of Gardevoir and Gourgeist

Megazard X

Hope this Helped!

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In Black & White, Alder uses mainly bug types and normal types, so a defensive rock type would be able to withstand a normal type's STAB attack and be able to beat most of the bug types if it was offensive. Also, a fighting type would easily take out any normal types there. Some suggestions are Gigalith and Sawk respectively.
However in Black & White 2, Iris uses mostly dragon types, so steel types could resist STAB attacks while dragon and ice types would be good offensively. You could use Steelix, Haxorus or Beartic respectively.

Could you try to include more information? This seems more like a long comment than an answer, though I won't convert yet :P. I'll give a chance to improve it.
he said a pokemon that can KO them without needing to switch. gigalith, beartic and steelix are pretty slow and would probably get killed before KOing the opponent
This does not answer my  question properly. I asked for a moveset and I see a few errors in these pokemon
Gigalith- Will be KO'ed with sibolds water types, stalled by Wikstrom  
Haxorus- Destroyed by Wikstroms klefki and froslass from the Black (the game for whoever takes that THAT way) ghost trainer
Steelix- Terribly slow and will take a super effective hit off nearly everything so without healing items. It won't survive
Beartic- Could survive but i'll have to see a moveset to go with