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Okay so here's the lay down
I've got Pokemon Firered and Pokemon Heartgold, Ive beaten the entire game in both games - including the Sevii Islands quests in Pokemon Firered - and I really need to transfer my Pokemon from FR to HG
I know all the requirements and I've got all of them covered but the 'Migrate from Firered' isn't coming up, am I doing something wrong? Do you have to be connected to the internet? Although I don't see any reason for an Internet connection to be needed as it's all done through the games...

I've beaten the entire games in both, I've talked to the man at the Pal Park in Fushia City in HG and I've completed the Ruby/Sapphire quest in FR which I'm not even sure is a requirement.

Any help?

I think you have to use Pokemon Bank.
Have you tried blowing into the Gameboy advance cartridge, that same problem happened to me once and that fixed it.
Yes I have tried blowing on the cartridge, even cleaning the cartridge with a soft brush... I am going to try to do it with my friends  ds I hope it works

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this problem has happened to me, I was trying to transfer Pokemon from emerald to pearl version and it didn't work, so I did some research.
i later found out that you are unable to transfer Pokemon with games from different countries. I thought my emerald was Australian and knew that my pearl was.
i later looked at my gameboy game and found this:
enter image description here
picture from google images.
apologies for the size, as you can see on the bottom left, the serial number has USA at the end, this means that the gameboy game is the us version and that means that the game is not compatible with my Australian pearl game.
simply put, check the gameboy games serial number before taking any action, if there not right and you really want the Pokemon in the gba, then you can get a gen 4 game with the same country on it because you can of course transfer Pokemon from different regions in the same gen.
hope that this comes of help
yours indubitably,

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I just checked. My FR is from the USA... I might just buy a pokemon game from the states or something. That's such a shame D: I had a full team of lvl 100 pokemon and all three shiny legendary birds... oh well, I might buy a gem 4 game from the U.S. or something, but thank you! You really saved me there! I was getting really angry that no ones solutions were working so thanks!
Thanks XD
i know what you mean, i spent about two hours researching what the problem could be for my emerald, i'm planning on getting an american platinum version for transferring purposes but the only problem is that shipping costs as much as the game it self.
anyway, glad i could at least help somebody with my mistake.
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I hope this helps a little,It seems it may be a glitch,But somebody seems to have had the same issue

Thanks! But it turns out my FR is from a different country so I can't migrate sadly.