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According to this question, a Pokemon knowing the Whirlpool HM can be transferred from HGSS to Gen 5 by first trading it over to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

By extension I presume this means a Pokemon with Defog can be traded to HGSS and then transferred to Gen 5? What other HMs can be transferred to later generations? (Including Virtual Console if possible.)

Yeah I also transferred Pokémon with HM moves from AS to UM, and from Silver to UM.
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OK using sumwun's comment above and some manual testing, I've come up with this.

  • Gen 1 or 2 Virtual Console → Gen 7 (via Bank) = any HMs can be moved. Pokemon here can only be moved to Gen 7, not Gen 6.
  • Gen 3 → Gen 4 = no HMs can be transferred (including Dive in FRLG). Pokemon with Whirlpool can be transferred as it's not an HM in Gen 3.
  • Gen 4 → Gen 5 = Whirlpool can be moved from DPPt and Defog from HGSS, but no other HMs can be moved. Pokemon with Dive can be transferred as it's not an HM in Gen 4.
  • Gen 5 → Gen 6 (via Poke Transporter then Bank) = any HMs can be moved.
  • Gen 6 → Gen 7 (via Bank) = any HMs can be moved.
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i think some hm cant be moved cause the game doesnt want to soft lock the player