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Hello :)
So. I'm having a bit of a problem.
I can't send any of my items from the Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby demo to my copy of the full game.
I transfered a set of heal balls, and that worked, but I realized my date and time weren't correct, so I changed it to the right time.
now, Steven keeps telling me to come back tomorrow. It's been four days since I got the game haha. I've checked every day simce then! I still can't.


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This is most likely because you haven't received the heal balls in the game. to actually do this on the title screen, click "Pokemon Link", click "yes" and the item you put through will be in your game, if he is still saying that try again tomorrow and he should allow you to send something else.

Hope I helped!

Thanks for the reply :)
unfortunately, I went and received them on my next play. :( I still cant transfer anything else. I want my Glalie v.v