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So I transferred a set of Heart Scales over to the full game, and it worked, but after 24 hours of wait, Steven won't let me transfer another item, instead saying to "come back tomorrow." I did have to alter my DS time because it was set from 2011 for some reason, and set it to the current time, but I would have thought that it wouldn't pay attention to the time and would still permit me at 24 hours to send another item. Is this the case? And if it was, what can I do to fix this? Please help me, because I'd like to send a Glalie to my full game, thanks.


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Did you alter your games time?

Regardless of this the simple solution to fixing your problem is to wait another day.
If you want to know how this happened it could be that you asked to transfer another Pokemon/ Item before 24 hours of when you transferred the last. -My last answer

Some games have bad effects when time is altered on your DS, whether it was your fault or not. Some effects could be the game disabling time-based events like the item transfer, or exhibiting strange glitchy effects when trying to access these.

PS: It could be a glitch, and it looks like others are having the same problem hence why I just copied my last answer.

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