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So, I transferred an item yesterday, and so today I tried to transfer again, but Steven told my to talk to him tomorrow. Why won't he let me transfer an item, I have already waited until Tomorrow. Please help.

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Did you alter your games time?

Regardless of this the simple solution to fixing your problem is to Wait another day.
If you wan't to know how this happened it could be that you asked to transfer another Pokemon/ Item before 24 hours of when you transferred the last.

Thanks, I didn't wait 24 hours, I just assumed that it meant after midnight.
Your welcome :D if this doesn't work tell me and i'll edit my answer!
I have waited 3 days since I transferred my glalie and Steven still says to "come back tomorrow". What should I do?
He is still saying "Come Back Tomorrow"
If you haven't seen the flooding of questions about the demo. There is an ovbious answer: the demo is buggy it just happens when u download from online