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I just wanted to know what are all the items that are transferable to the actual games. Will we be able to transfer the starter we get with its Mega Stone?

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By Serebii's ORAS demo page

This demo is rather unique in that it will allow you to transfer aspects of the demo to the main Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games once purchased. This is done through the Pokémon Link feature of the games.

The demo will allow you to send over any items that you have collected throughout the playing of the demo, as well as the special Mega Evolved Pokémon that is encountered within this demo!

Hope this helps.

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Here are the items/Pokémon you can transfer from the ORAS Demo to ORAS:

Steelix and Steelixite - Complete the first adventure (Japanese region)
Glalie and Glalitite - Complete the first adventure (Korean, PAL, and American regions)
Poké Ball ×10 - Complete three adventures
Heal Ball ×10 - Complete five adventures
Heart Scale ×5 - Complete ten adventures
Nugget - Complete Strange Secret Mission

Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert, along with their respective Mega Stone unfortunately can't be transferred from the ORAS Demo to ORAS.


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