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So it's been 2 days since I've transfered my first item to my main game, and he still hasn't let me t ansfer anything else. I've checked my Pokemon link, but there's nothing there. What can I do to fix this?
Please do help, I've been looking around for an answer for a while now :(

Give more details and I will help you such as
1. What did you transfer?
2. Have you altered your ds's time?
3. How many items have you transferred?
@B-Frog: I've run into the exact same problem, which led me here. Hopefully you can help both of us. It's been two days and still won't let me transfer anything. So far I've only transferred one set of pokeballs (nothing else) and I have not altered my ds's time. Thanks in advance!
1. I transferred on November 22, about 4 days ago
2. Once, 2 days after my first transfer
3. Just a single set of pokeballs, just as @Link2841 did.

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Ok I already answered the same question twice and i'll do it once more

Answer 1

Answer 2

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Some games have bad effects when time is altered on your DS, whether it was your fault or not. Some effects could be the game disabling time-based events like the item transfer, or exhibiting strange glitchy effects when trying to access these.

PS: It could be a glitch, and it looks like others are having the same problem hence why I just copied my last answer. -My last question

This is the exact same question so I will answer it with the exact same answer. I'm sorry but you might not be able to transfer another item/ Pokemon. No game/ demo is perfect and like those other questions it is obviously a glitch in the game if your all getting the same thing happening.

PSS: Anyone reading this thinking about asking the same question again please don't. It's just asking the same answer as the last ones. If these answers I gave are wrong tell me or report it.

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Thanks  B-Frog,  I got it to work by waiting 24 hours since I last TALKED to steven. Hope this helps the others, thanks again!
This Information is greatly appreciated and I will use it (giving all credit to you) if anyone else asks this again...

And I did say something similar in one of the answer. Click them to see it.
Can confirm even after a week of not playing OR/AS or even the Demo, I still cannot transfer anything between the Demo to the Full Game.