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I've been trying to use the Pokémon transporter lab for hours and I've just discovered that my copy of Platinum is American. Is there any way around this? I'd be so grateful for any help

Well, you can, if you have both EU and US copies at the same location (which rarely would happen) , download Pokémon Home on Google Play or App Store, then when you transfer, the Pokémon you transferred should appear in your PC box. Or you could trade, but that would corrupt the Platinum File as its the future, the database won't know about the Pokémon you trade.
If your DS was purchased in Europe im afraid there's no way for you to play your Platinum copy on it.
Pokemon Home isn't even released yet, and Pokemon Home can't even access Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon White. And its impossible to trade between them.
By any chance can you get a European copy of a Generation 4 game? Then you should be able to trade with your American copy and then transfer to White.

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If you live in Europe, then I think the easiest way to do this is buying a European copy of any of DPPt or HGSS, trading stuff from your American Pt to your new European game, and then transferring them to White.