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Nintendo eShop is closing on March so I downloaded all the apps I needed like Pokémon Crystal, bank and transport so my question is if I happen to catch Celebi on crystal let’s say around April-May will I still be able to transfer everything though the eShop will be closed on March???

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I believe that Poke Transporter and Bank will still be available to use, just not download.

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According to the Pokemon Website regarding Pokemon Home closing, and Bulbapedia regarding Poké Transporter, you will be able to use both Poké Transporter and Pokémon Bank after the shutdown date, if you have previously downloaded both applications.

To be a bit more specific:

  • Pokémon Crystal on the Virtual Console games of the 3DS is compatible with Poké Transporter.
  • Poké Transporter can be downloaded through Pokémon Bank, but only if you have a paid pass before the cutoff date. You cannot obtain Transporter or Bank after the cutoff date, but you can use them if you have them.
  • Move your Celebi from Transporter to Bank before or after the cutoff date, and you can use Bank to transport the Celebi to Gen 7.

Altogether, you need to pay approximately $5 for Pokémon Bank before the cutoff in order to get Transporter, which will be free after paying for Bank. You can then use Transporter and Bank after the cutoff to obtain Celebi in Gen 7.

Hope I helped!