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My question may not be answerable, but here's a big story:

I have a Starmie that I have had way back since 2012 in White 2 when I caught it in Humilau City. I raised it until about level 70, then sent it to my Omega Ruby for some fine-tuning to eventually turn my ol' pal into a competitive sea jewel boi in Ultra Moon.

So, after resetting all the EVs I had randomly put on it when I was 14, I infected it with one of my Pokerus-infected mons and went straight to the grind. It's been fully EV trained now, but I tried to use it to spread it to another Pokemon. What happened is beyond bizarre.

I went to spread it to my 4IV Zorua I had captured in a failed shiny hunt. The 'Rus spread, but it disappeared from Starmie entirely. Yes, entirely. There wasn't even a mark saying it was cured. It was gone completely. I was even able to re-infect it. At no point during all of this did I turn off the system.

That's not a big problem, because it spread and it was already trained, but WTH happened?? Can anyone relate? I found a couple GameFAQ threads who had several people claim similar experiences in X&Y, but there was no cause found. Four years later, does this still occur, or no longer? Is it an officially recognized glitch? Can anyone else even relate in any game at all?

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

You accidentally fed it too many Lum berries and that happened.
I don't mean to be rude, but that told me nothing that I didn't already know.

I am asking what caused that, and if this phenomenon still occurs.
You probably didn't know this question has already been asked.
if thats the case then find the link
SYL already posted it.
Per my last comment: "that told me nothing that I didn't already know, I am asking what caused that, and if this phenomenon still occurs."
I've used Pokerus pretty extensively training competitive Pokemon in Gen 6 and 7, and I've never had this happen. A supposed glitch doesn't seem to be grounded in anything except anecdotal evidence at this point, and that might be all we know.

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