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I went to a Pokemon center and went to heal and she told me that my Pokemon has pokerus.Then I went to heal and she didn't tell me that.Did my Pokemon lose pokerus?


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No your Pokemon doesn't lose Pokerus. It's effects of passing it on disappears after a certain amount of time in your party but doesn't disappear from giving you double the amount of EVs. As for Nurse Joy she only says it once then if you have any others with Pokerus she won't say it again.

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Nope. But after a couple of days, your Pokemon will fight off the virus and a little smiley face icon will appear next to it.
A way to keep the virus forever is to leave the Pokemon in the PC.

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pokerus eventually wears off if the affected Pokemon is still in your party. It won't wear off if
the affected Pokemon is stored in your pc. But pokerus helps you get experience points faster from defeating opponents and wild Pokemon. pokerus might spread to the rest of your team
if a Pokemon with pokerus is in your team. After pokerus wears off, a smiley face will appear in the top right corner of your Pokemon summary menu.