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So I got really lucky yesterday a got a Cresselia through trade that just happened to have Pokerus! So I've been spreading it to the rest of my Pokemon and its just great. However, if a Pokemon's EVs are already maxed out, will Pokerus still double the stats, or will it have no effect?

Pokerus is a very useful and VERY rare virus in the Pokemon world. It's rare to get it in the wild, but it's easy to come by now that online trading is so easily accessible. This virus will allow Pokemon to gain Effort Values twice as fast as usual. It's the same thing as using a Macho Brace or other Power item, except the Pokemon doesn't have to hold an item, and their speed will not be cut in half.  

Pokerus can be caught by battling a wild Pokemon that has the infection. The virus is about as rare as a Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Once a Pokemon catches it, the word Pokerus will be shown in the Pokemon's summary menu. The Nurse at the Pokemon Center will even inform you about the virus the first time you obtain it.

In order to spread the virus, keep the infected Pokemon in your party around non-infected Pokemon, and start a few battles. After a few battles, atleast one new Pokemon should catch Pokerus. You can try switching around the Pokemon to make sure it spreads quickly.

After one to four days (at midnight), Pokerus will no longer be contagious, but your Pokemon will still have it in their system. It may not say Pokerus at their stat screen, but it will show a small purple :( in the Pokemon's Summary Menu. To make sure you keep Pokerus for a long time to infect future Pokemon, keep an infected Pokemon in the Pokemon Storage System (PC at any Pokemon Center). While in the PC, it will remain contagious until it is taken out for one to four days. The time varies from Pokerus to Pokerus.( This is so you know what PokeRus actually is)
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Pokerus does NOT double your stats, otherwise it'd be a huge thing in competitive, which it isn't. Pokerus will only double the amount of EVs your Pokemon obtains through battling while it has it. The maximum amount of EVs a Pokemon can obtain is unchanged whether or not they've had Pokerus. What Silemarine said is only partially correct. While Pokerus does only last one to four days, it does go away. It is not permanent in itself. After the one to four day waiting period, the Pokemon will be "cured" and will be immune to Pokerus from that point on.

Also, finding a Pokemon with Pokerus in the wild is more rare than a shiny Pokemon, even without shiny charm. The chances of finding one in the wild is 3 / 65,536, or 1 / 21,845. The smallest chance of finding a shiny Pokemon is 1/4096 in generation 6.

One more thing to note, however, is that that Cresselia might be hacked. I'm not sure whether or not you would care, since it can't harm your save file in any way, but if it has 6IVs, Pokerus, and came from trade, then I'd say there is a large chance that it is hacked. Or at least a clone. Either way, the Pokerus you've received from it won't make any of your Pokemon illegitimate just because it came from a hacked source. At least in my opinion, there is a large majority who might disagree but...


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Thanks, you were very helpful. :)
Mostly true. You’re wrong about Pokémon losing the effects after a few days though. They stop being contagious after a few days, and they can’t catch the virus again, but the double ev’s effect is permanent.
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Yes, pokerus always doubles the stats for two weeks (that's how long it lasts)

Wait, so pokerus goes away??
The spreading effect only lasts a set period of time (normally a few days) however Pokerus itself is permanent