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So I'm working on training a competitive team in ORAS, currently EV training. However, on multiple occasions, Pokemon that HAD Pokérus (and I'm positive I EV trained them with it and that they had Pokérus while in the PC) that I placed in my party in order to spread it to other team members...no longer had it. There isn't even the pink smiley face in the bottom of the status screen. There is literally no evidence that there ever was Pokérus, and yet I'm absolutely positively sure they had it! Is this some sort of new glitch?


.-. dude, that sucks

But no smiley means you can reinfect it, I know that pokemon centers cure the disease but they always leave a smiley behind, I'm pretty sure.
Pokemon centers don't cure it.  They merely tell you that it exists.

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X values of 0 are not legitimate, since upon being "cured" the Pokémon would appear to have never had the Pokérus at all.

Apparently this was on Bulbapedia all along.

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Your Pokemon still has pokerus (just the effects of it).When the little pkrs thing goes away you lose the ability to infect your other Pokemon (the Pokemon that was infected can still get the EV effects though). The Pokemon loses pokerus in about 1-2 day(s). If you want to keep passing pokerus on to other Pokemon then keep one infected mon (still having the pkrs thing) in the pc. When it is in the PC the virus never goes away. If you need the virus just talk to me and I can give it to you. ^-^

But shouldn't the pink face symbol near the bottom of the status screen remain in a case such as this?  The Pokemon in question had Pokerus at one time, complete with the purple banner, and when I placed them from my PC to my party one day it simply disappeared.  Since they are competitive Pokemon that still need some levels I've had them in my party frequently, but nothing else has ever happened.