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I was playing Pokémon Ultra Moon and I was fighting against Cyrus when I decided to switch my Pokémon to (Normal) Necrozma. I saw a status condition on it which was odd because I already cured its paralysis. After taking a closer look I realized that the shade of purple was too bright to be poison. Then I realized it said "Pokérus" on it. I noticed none of my other Pokémon had Pokérus and that I never put a Pokémon I traded in my team ever since I got Necrozma. The last trainer(s) I battled was 2 Team RR grunts. How did my Necrozma get Pokérus all of a sudden?

You are so lucky lol.

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Pokérus has a 3 in 65,536 or approximately a 1 in 21,845 chance of being generated on one of the player's Pokémon after a battle, making it rarer than encountering or hatching a Shiny Pokémon.

You just got extremely lucky.

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Holy carp! Thanks for the answer.