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I'm not that much of a pro in Pokémon. And probably most people on here should know the answer. But, I wanna learn more about Pokérus for today. I would rather get all the information about it. So that means do not answer/comment this if you don't know every fact about it.
All the information could be(or more if you got some more facts about it):

  • How long does it last (minimum and maximum days)
  • how much extra stats does it give
  • what is the most easy way for getting it
  • what is the chance for getting it
  • are only some type of Pokémon allowed (like maybe Legendaries can't have it, non shinies can't have it, or something like that)
  • is it allowed in a battle
  • does it do bad things for your Pokémon
  • when was the release of Pokérus
  • how many other Pokémon could get affected by Pokérus
  • what is the fastest method to get a Pokérus Pokémon
  • how do you heal it at the first day
  • did I even spell this right? (:P)

If some questions aren't answerable just type '/'.

That's all.

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  • It lasts a few days, I’d say generally 2-4
  • It doesn’t give extra stats, it doubles your EV gain
  • Getting it from someone that already has pokerus because they can just spread it easily (I can give you a pokerus mon if you want). Wonder Trade works too, but a lot of stuff on Wonder Trade is hacked so I wouldn’t recommend that
  • 3 in 65,536 chance
  • No
  • Yes, but it doesn’t do anything besides increasing EV gains, which only take effect before or after the battle takes place
  • No
  • In gen 2
  • There)s no linit
  • Idk what you mean by that
  • You can’t
  • Yes

I answered all your questions in order

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Ph sorry some error came there. I meant, what is the fastest method for getting one?
Catch every Pokemon until you find one with Pokerus. Or ask someone to trade one to you.
I have a lot of them. Do you want any?