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This is the second-most infuriating thing I have ever had to deal with in all of Pokemon.

  • First off, I am not talking about running, biking, walking, jumping, etc. near a patch of grass. Not anything that makes the DexNav say "You were spotted!"
  • I am talking about when your target randomly disappears and it #$%*&@! says "It ran away!" and the chain breaks. WHAT GIVES!? I don't know what the problem is! I've had three streaks of Zorua flee from me today, two were good (the first one was the second encounter LOL but the other two were 40+ and 60+, respectively).

Is there anything I can do to stop that?

(The absolute most infuriating thing is also in this game, and I'm referring to shiny hunting in water and in caves. Don't try that at home, kids!)

Are you going into grass near any NPCs? If so, they could be part of the issue.

Sometimes the Pokemon will run away if you're taking too long to capture it or taking too long to approach it to capture it.

Make sure that you're not staying in the menu too long because the Pokemon can get away during the time spend in your menu.

I don't usually chain much for Pokemon, so if what I say isn't the most helpful I hope that someone who chains often can be of assistance.

I wish the best of luck with your chain of Zorua.

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