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So I'm trying to chain a shiny Ralts using the DexNav, I'm at a chain of at least 220 with a search level of 422. And still nothing! There were people that get shiny Pokemon on a chain of 100+ or less, so why am I stuck here like this? Please helppp ;_; Am I just really unlucky, or does DexNav chaining not work at all?

lol, i kind of had the same experience too, i was dexnaving for a skarmory and couldn't get one after a chain of 200-300 and the chain broke. so i decided to hatch a ralts with attack, special defence and speed iv's with it's hidden ability and out of nowhere, a shiny popped out after 8 eggs without doing the masuda method. that's just great karma. so don't give up. You can always do the masuda method. it's a win win situation, you get your shiny ralts (only if you do intend to hatch one) and everyone get's a regular lvl 1 from wonder trade :P good luck though :D

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This is impossible to answer sinse the chance could never happen or always happen, but I see people getting shinys after about 1 day to a few weeks. (About 1500 Pokemon)

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Awww :c thanks for answering though!
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Tbh if you want a more guaranteed way of getting shinies in the wild, use the radar in XY.