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Alright, been chaining on Mirage Island for Minccino for a while now. My Minccino encounters were up to around a level 54-56 average (its default is 36-38) when I get a "Pokemon not Found. Try another area." As I attempt to find another place to find one, a Minccino pops up as I'm walking. Its level has been reset to 38.

According to a question earlier asked by me, as long as I officially encounter the Minccino, kill it, and continue searching for them, the chain will not be broken, but I would like confirmation...because I think the level resets automatically around 100 but I wasn't sure I had made it that far.

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Yes it does mean it's broken
Source: Experience and Gian's video
heres a link to it, I just read his description and used my common sense, so it means that You DID break your chain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlveK-ro3nY
and Pokemon could not be found means THE CHAIN IS BROKEN

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can you link me to that video?
oh and just to make sure, " a Minccino pops up as I'm walking" means that one popped its head out of the grass, not a literal encounter happened.
that's going to make it impossible to chain for SOME things....