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I'm looking for Skorupi on Route 114, and I often get "Could not be found nearby." Does that break the chain? If so, I'm just going to give up now.

Also, if I'm looking in a different area to see if my DexNav will work for the search function, and I stir up a Tympole, then what do I do?


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No, the chain doesn't break I tried it myself
It only breaks when "The Pokemon ran away!" thing happens
In the other situation: If You are chaining a Skourpi, and you haven;t messed anything up and another Pokemon appears YOU HAVE TO KILL IT or your chain will break
I heard that on many guides that the chain wont break if another Pokemon accidentally comes up
to see if your chain has broken or not keep an eye on the level of your Pokemon

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As for the other situation? I was moving to another area when I picked the stupid thing up...
wait....what does level have anything to do with it?
It does
For example a Pokemon is found at level 5:
1-4 encounters - Lv. 5
5th encounter - Lv. 15
6-9 encounters - Lv. 6
10th encounter - Lv.16
11-14 encounters - Lv. 7
15th encounter - Lv. 17
16-19 encounters - Lv. 8
20th encounter - Lv. 18
21-24 encounters - Lv. 9
25th encounter - Lv. 19
Okay, I just had one run from me-what makes it run away? Did I go over the time limit? I was like right next to it and then it ran all of a sudden. I know it wasn't cause I was spotted.
It happens sometimes, maybe you stopped right near it before encountering it or something or you accidentally walked (But you said it wasn't cause you were spotted)
ok thx.